Drug Trafficking Brisbane

Face Your Drug Trafficking Offence in Queensland with Our Brisbane Team

If you are charged with drug trafficking in Brisbane, Queensland, you will need a lawyer who is ready to represent and fight for you. Here at Fisher Dore Lawyers, we believe you deserve expert legal representation, regardless of the offence you are facing. For us, helping and defending people is more than just a job – it is our mission. We listen to our clients without judgement and will explain every step of the legal process to give you a better understanding of the court system and the possible outcomes for your case.

Our lawyers understand how severely a drug trafficking charge can impact your life. That’s why we work hard to achieve the most favourable results for you. We genuinely care about our clients and are passionate about justice and fairness. Our team of lawyers are highly respected, experienced and can provide the guidance and support you need to defend a drug trafficking charge.    

Possible Consequences for Drug Trafficking in Brisbane, Queensland

The essence of a drug trafficking charge is that the offender is alleged to have ‘carried on a business’ of trafficking. In most cases, prosecutions for trafficking rely on evidence establishing a regularity of drug dealing, in conjunction with evidence of additional activities, such as product advertising or promotion, negotiating prices and terms, taking orders and arranging deliveries. Much of this evidence can be acquired from lawfully intercepted telephone communications via text messages, phone calls and encrypted social media messaging applications. Evidence can also be derived from covert police operations, such as surveillance, undercover police operatives and more.

The maximum penalty for drug trafficking in Brisbane, Queensland is 25 years imprisonment. Moreover, these charges are all dealt with in the Supreme Court. Fortunately, our criminal defence team has a wealth of knowledge and experience navigating through the complex court system. In fact, we take pride in successfully defending and advocating for our clients to achieve favourable outcomes.

Drug Trafficking Brisbane
Drug Trafficking Brisbane

Types of Drug Offences in Brisbane, Queensland

There are other offences that you may be charged for in Brisbane in addition to drug trafficking charges, including:

1. Possession of Dangerous Drugs – “possession” is defined by the court as having control or knowledge of drugs. It also covers reasonable suspicion of the illegal substance’s presence in common areas of a house.

2. Production of Dangerous Drugs – to “produce” drugs is to manufacture, cultivate, prepare, and package. It also means offering to perform any of these acts or undertaking any act in preparation for performing such acts.

3. Supply of Dangerous Drugs – the court defines “supply” as any form of distribution, selling, administration, and transport of drugs in a place or to a person. The definition is broad and also includes offering to do such things or any act in preparation of doing such things.  

4. Possession of Various Assets or Properties Relating to Drug Offence – any possession of items related to a drug offence falls under this area. Each item corresponds to different penalties and considerations.

Often drug trafficking charges come with additional drug offence charges. Regardless of the type of offence, consequences can be severe, which is why you need expert representation to support you.  

If you’re dealing with a drug trafficking charge in Brisbane, Queensland, call Fisher Dore Lawyers for legal advice and representation.

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