Take a look at the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQs) below, or contact us for a confidential discussion and case evaluation.


What is the best way to contact Fisher Dore?

You can contact us 24/7 on 1300 557 884, email us on mail@fisherdore.com.au, or submit a confidential enquiry here.

What types of cases does Fisher Dore handle?

We practice in criminal law, compensation and personal injuries law, and migration law. Criminal law and defence covers all matters, from traffic offences and computer crime to murder, drug importation and serious violent offences. We have been involved in some of the state’s largest, most notable and complex trials and we undertake more criminal appeals than anyone else. 

If you are charged with a crime or are being questioned by the police or other law enforcement and have a question about whether you need a lawyer, contact us on 1300 557 884.  For all other matters contact our team for a confidential discussion and case evaluation.

Does Fisher Dore charge hourly rates or fixed fees?

Contact us for a case evaluation and we will explain our fee structure and provide a quote based on the services you require. Most of our clients choose to operate on a fixed-fee basis, although we can work on time-costed if that’s preferred. We are transparent about our fees at all times and offer you the freedom to choose the option that suits you. If fees are subject to change, we discuss this with you first. We ensure our fee disclosures are clear and we’re always happy to explain the breakdown and answer any of your questions.

Can I enter into a payment plan?

Yes. Your lawyer will be happy to discuss the options of a payment plan with you.

Do I need a lawyer before talking to the police?

Being suspected of a criminal offence and being spoken to by police or prosecuting agencies can be very stressful. We strongly suggest that you speak with a criminal defence lawyer before speaking to police. Our team can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – call us on 1300 557 884 if police wish to speak to you.

What is the difference between a ‘conviction’ and a ‘no conviction’?

When you are sentenced for an offence, a Judge or Magistrate may have to decide whether or not to record a conviction against you. If a conviction is recorded, it becomes a part of your criminal history. If it is not recorded (a ‘no conviction’) then you may, in some circumstances, deny that you have any criminal history for that offence. There are some exceptions to this, such as when applying for some specific licences or jobs, and you should seek further advice from us if this situation arises.

Will a criminal conviction affect my employment?

A conviction may affect your current employment. It may also affect your future employment or travel. These details form part of your sentencing options; we can discuss the specifics when we meet with you.

I am not an Australian Citizen. Will a criminal conviction affect my visa or residency?

An existing temporary visa may be cancelled, or a visa application may be refused (including an application for permanent residency) if a non-citizen fails to pass the ‘character test’. We can help determine whether you would pass the ‘character test’ when we meet with you.

Should I appeal my sentence or conviction?

If you are questioning the outcome of your conviction or sentence, you should call our office immediately. Strict time limits apply when appealing a sentence or conviction. Our office prides itself on undertaking more criminal appeals than anyone else, and being one of the most successful appellate law firms in Queensland.

Will I lose my driver’s licence?

Depending on the nature of the offence, it is possible that you may lose your driver's licence. If this is important to you and could impact your ability to work or look after your family, we recommend you follow up with our team as soon as possible.

Will I get my property back?

Possibly. Depending on what you are charged with, the police may seize your property. We will consider your charges and provide you with advice regarding your property.

How do I know if I can claim compensation for my injury?

If you have been injured and/or suffered loss or damage due to the actions or inactions of someone else, you may be entitled to receive a monetary payment, whether by way of redress, disability insurance, compensation and/or damages, and it’s important you get the right advice and legal support as soon as possible. Meet with our lawyers for a confidential discussion and case evaluation – there are no obligations to progress with a claim. Our compensation and personal injury experts, led by Principal Steve Herd - Accredited Specialist Personal Injury (Qld), will ensure you understand all of your options.

Is it worth consulting a lawyer about my injury?

We consider it essential that you obtain advice on all of your options as soon as possible. As there is no obligation to instruct us, contact us for a confidential discussion and claim evaluation so you understand your options.

Who will contact me about my claim?

In the first instance, you will speak with Principal Steve Herd, Accredited Specialist - Personal Injury (Qld), or one of our expert lawyers who specialise in compensation and personal injury law. If you then choose to instruct us, our assurance to you is that Steve will oversee every claim and work with one of our expert lawyers to ensure we strive to achieve the very best outcome we can for you.

Are there time limits on claims?

Depending on your situation and the type of claim, almost all claims in Queensland are regulated by strict time limits. It is, therefore, important that you immediately obtain considered advice. Contact us to get a better understanding of your options and the time limits that may apply to your claim.

How long will it take to resolve my claim?

Every case is unique and we cannot begin to estimate the length of the claim process until we have, at the very least, spoken to you and gained an understanding of your situation. There are varying factors that can shorten (or even extend) the process, so the sooner we meet and discuss your case, the better it will be. Remember, there may be strict time limits applicable to your claim, so get in contact with us to speak confidentially with one of our lawyers about your case.

How much will I get for my claim?

Every case is unique and, except for defined payments or benefits, it is difficult to offer you considered advice on the likely monetary amount of your claim without (usually) having undertaken extensive work.  To commence with, it is essential that we understand your story; we can then offer you considered advice on the various issues that will need to be addressed in your claim, and enable us to advise you on the monetary amount of your claim. We know how important it is to know where you stand - the best way to do this is by meeting with one of our expert lawyers for a confidential discussion.

What does ‘no win - no fee’ mean?

You may have heard of law firms offering to act on a ‘no win ‐ no fee’ basis. That is where a lawyer agrees not to charge any professional fees for acting for you in your claim, unless and until you ‘win’ your claim.  In many instances, this term is misleading. While some firms may not charge for their professional fees if your claim is unsuccessful, you will still be liable for disbursements, that is, any payments to third parties, such as medical experts or others for reports / records, etc.  Some firms may offer protection from having to pay disbursements, but this is usually by arranging funding through “litigation lenders”. While this offers some protection, it will usually result in excessive interest on the loan for the duration of your claim.  Many firms who offer a “no win – no fee” agreement may charge exorbitant rates with additional uplifts when acting on this basis.

At Fisher Dore Lawyers we are transparent about our fees and offer you the freedom to choose the option that best suits you and your circumstances. Contact us for a confidential discussion and claim evaluation.

How much will it cost to make a claim?

Every case is unique, so the best way to understand the costs of your claim will be to meet with us for a case evaluation. Once we understand the specifics of your case, we can provide a quote. We firmly believe in transparency in respect to professional fees and disbursements you may incur in pursuing your claim.  Each claim is unique and once we understand your story, we will provide you with our view in respect to the likely professional fees and disbursements.  We will then explore with you whether we act on a fixed-fee basis, where you have certainty of costs from the outset of your claim, or a time-basis, where our professional fees are calculated at a transparent and reasonable hourly rate.  Either way, you can be assured that we do not charge “uplift” fees.

More Questions?

Should you have other questions or concerns, please contact our office on 1300 557 884, email mail@fisherdore.com.au, or make a confidential enquiry here.

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Fisher Dore Lawyers have to be the best criminal lawyers in Queensland.


Great law firm. Technically brilliant, and focused on achieving the outcome that the client wants... and achieving it as quickly as possible.

Josh - Facebook Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Excellent representation - solid advice - great outcome.

Michael - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Highly recommended. Real people. Respectful.

Sylvia - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

I’ve prosecuted against Nick Dore and I’m a fan of his work. If I ever needed a Defence solicitor in my corner, I’d choose him... what can I say, the man is brilliant.

Acts1power - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Fisher Dore are Brisbane’s best law firm. Honest, genuine and (most importantly) competent lawyers who will help you achieve justice. I give them 10/10.

Moreish Food - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Long term professional association. Established credibility and integrity. A pleasure to be involved in multidisciplinary team work in benefitting clients.

Alec - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

The only law firm I trust!

Kimberley - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Friendly and professional. Highly recommend the team. Approachable and non-judgemental with a passion and extensive knowledge of what they do.

Rachael - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

This firm was so easy to talk to, compassionate, reliable and 100% hardworking. Thanks so much.

Mich - Google Review

We can't express how grateful we are for all your kindness, support and generosity during this difficult time. With sincere thanks.

Thank you Fisher Dore for all you have done to release the burden we have been living with...well done.

Just want to say thank you for all your help and effort you have put in. You go above and beyond. I appreciate everything you and your team have done for me in helping better my life!

Thanks again…for going above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. I am so grateful I can now get on the right track and move forward with my life.

Thank-you for all the hard work you have put into my case and your continued support throughout the last few months. I appreciate everything you have done for me.

Thank you for fighting for me and for doing such a great job. Please pass on my gratitude to the team.

Thank you for your compassion, dedication and hard work throughout this difficult time. This has been life changing for me and I can't imagine how I would have got through this without your support, professionalism and expertise. I'm so grateful for your efforts and the great work you did on my behalf. Thanks again for going above and beyond, and doing everything you could to win my case.

I just wanted to put into writing, just how profoundly grateful I am for the sound advice & skilful representation you provided. The outcome you secured for me was better than I could have dared to wish for. I owe you a debt of gratitude.

5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

I personally have known Mr Fisher for 20 years and in my opinion this firm is by far the best representation in Brisbane city and surrounding districts! My first pick always and best results from both Mr Fisher and Mr Dore and their team!! Thanks guys.

Mohammed - Google Review

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your handling of my case. I am very pleased with the outcome as well as your professionalism in communication and encouragement in my difficult time. Once again, thank you very much.

I want to thank you for looking after us both in a legal sense and in your sense of care. This has been enormously stressful. Having your diligent professionalism was greatly reassuring.

You will always be known to me and my family as the person who gave us the biggest gift we could ever want. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you so much for your amazing work. You have made a compelling argument for me and I believe my application was successful only because of your excellent work. You have always been very professional, punctual and provided me with accurate advice at all times. I am extremely grateful that I had you as my lawyer.

5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Strongly recommend if you would like the best chance at freedom.

Alex - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Thank you to the wonderful and professional team at Fisher Dore Lawyers. The experience you brought to the table was nothing but excellent, achieving an amazing result.

Andrew - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

When you want the best this is the number you call. They do it right the first time. Thanks Nick.

Dale - Google Review

We cannot thank you enough for the amazing outcome; it was so much better than we could have hoped for. Having a highly skilled professional such as yourself was so beneficial, thank you again.

5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Professional but caring! Very informative and assisted in navigating me calmly through a very stressful situation. Very experienced. Highly recommend.

5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Michael is a fighter, and a winner, to say the least. Truly amazing, words cannot express my gratitude. I had a complex situation, he was able to find a way through the puzzle.

James - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Very friendly and professional. Perfect solution for your legal difficulties.

Syed - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Mark - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Amazing service! Professional, frank, straight forward and no nonsense legal advice you can rely on. Worth absolutely every dollar I've spent. Communication has been first class. I have felt really supported from the moment I engaged their services. So far, my experience has been entirely positive. If you are facing a tough case, and need the best of the best, look no further. I can't recommend this firm highly enough!

Judah - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

My experience with the firm relates to a common law claim for compensation, in which I was represented by Brendan and Steve and their associates. They did an absolutely amazing job and it was right in the very deepest of the pandemic that they assisted me. There was a fantastic result for me and the work done by the team was "above and beyond". In the very height of the unusual circumstances of the pandemic, these lawyers continued to provide the absolute highest standard of representation. My claim for compensation was related to circumstances of a sensitive nature. And the ability of the team to be compassionate, yet professional and focused on the details pertaining to a result was again "above and beyond". Brendan, especially stands out as a lawyer who not only understands the workings of law relating to compensation but also has the ability to relate and understand and act accordingly and appropriately to ensure a good result and at the same time providing a comfortable environment for a client like myself who has a claim relating to sensitive issues. Thanks so much Brendan. And thank you Fisher Dore lawyers.

Peter - Google Review
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

I’m so happy I chose Fisher Dore. My lawyer Hamish was outstanding, professional, courteous, transparent and reliable from minute one. I cannot praise him enough; he fought hard to get the best result and kept me notified throughout. I always felt Hamish and his team were by my side. I highly recommend Fisher Dore as I am forever grateful to them.

David G
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Extenuating circumstances led to a license cancellation due to previous criminal history. Antoinette and Tanya worked together to compile all the correspondence, facts and supporting evidence which led to my license being reinstated by the government agency. This was completed within a prompt time frame and their support through the process was outstanding. Highly recommend their services.

Stephen R
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Tom just about had a crystal ball, he knew what was likely to happen based on prior experience. This enabled a patient strategic approach to achieve a much better outcome than expected. I am still amazed at the final result. I am extremely grateful. Tom was professional, empathetic and a realist. Tom was tactical, strategic and patient. Tom engaged expert Counsel to negotiate reduced charges, including dropping a very serious fraud charge. Tom was thorough, maintained communication to keep me updated and showed attention to detail. I now appreciate the complexities of an adversarial legal system that is under pressure and the need for an expert criminal lawyer to navigate you through the process. My advice to anyone who is about to be questioned by police or who has been charged with a criminal offence is to contact Fisher Dore. Do not give up hope, trust their expertise and accept their advice and advocacy. Thank you Tom!

5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

I have found Fisher Dore Lawyers to be very professional, knowledgeable and always kept me up to date with how my case was progressing. Highly recommend them to family and friends.

5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Thanks to Jiabei Qi of Fisher Dore Law Firm, a lawyer from Fisher Dore's very professional legal team. Through Jiabei Qi's unremitting efforts and professional experience, he helped me obtain a satisfactory result. If you are someone who needs help from a lawyer, Don’t hesitate to choose the team of professional lawyers at Queensland Law Firm, who are ranked #1 and they will be able to help you! Once again, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to lawyer Jiabei Qi from Fisher dore.

5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Michael was very helpful and Professional in dealing with a situation my Son put himself in.Could not be any happier with the outcome.

David L
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

I cannot express deeply enough my sincere gratitude and thanks to Mr. Gardiner and all the others within your firm who have enabled my representation in the matter which concluded today. This has been my darkest chapter and your people were the light that helped guide me through it. At all times, Mr. Gardiner was nothing short of professional and measured in his delivery of advice and in his representation. As a member of the law enforcement and defence fraternity, I am routinely exposed to legal professionals - never have I had the privilege of being supported by someone as erudite and efficient as Mr. Gardiner. I offer nothing short of my sincerest thanks for your firms support during this matter. Should I ever find myself in need to legal support, Fisher Dore will be at the forefront of my mind and I will be referring any of those who I command who require legal support to your firm as my personal recommendation. I am entirely supportive of any of the above being used for the purpose of marketing or general publication. Thank you again for your support.

5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the most professional representation, your expertise and clear guidance were invaluable during this challenging time. You have a special place in my heart forever.The work you did for me shows you really care and that the defense team has a heart and this is not just a job.

Jsmes Y
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

I recently had Adam represent me for a matter, and from the very first conversation he was so reassuring and compassionate!! I couldn't be happier with the outcome, I recommend him to everyone who is in need of representation. A solid 10/10 from Me. A really good man!

Matthew K
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Sean went over and beyond to research up to date information and resources in order to successfully represent me in court. Thank you, Sean.

Christopher R
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Michael was very professional, reassuring and under my instruction, put my best interests first. I couldn’t be happier with the results and if for any reason my friends or family needed a lawyer, I would definitely recommend Michael.

Jenna H
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

From the outset Nick was wonderful in assisting my son - empathetic, positive, pragmatic and knowledgeable. He demonstrated considerable expertise in handling the matter - knowing what approach to take, and tone to adopt, with the authorities. We were delighted with the eventual outcome and couldn’t recommend Nick highly enough.

John R
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Very helpful and professional. Highly recommend

Kai N
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

From the first meeting with Sean he was very professional and upfront. He was thorough and explained things in great detail. All my dealings with him were simple and helpful, overall a great experience. I would highly recommend Sean.

Maria C
5 star icon - Fisher Dore Lawyers

Just a big thank you for your help. It was a great result and I thank you and Tanya for making the process an easy and positive one

Bob C
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