Drug Lawyers Brisbane

Expert Drug Offence Lawyers in Brisbane

At Fisher Dore, we are proud of the results achieved by our lawyers for drug offences and charges in Brisbane. Our law firm has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, with results-driven, experienced lawyers including our skilful drug offence lawyers. We provide legal advice, guidance and support to our clients. But more than that, we are here to fight for you, to ensure you receive the best legal representation.

Our lawyers have an excellent reputation amongst the profession for our incredibly persuasive advocacy skills, which lead to excellent results for our clients. Moreover, we are known for our approachability, transparency and distinct approach to legal representation. 

How Our Drug Offence Lawyers in Brisbane Can Help You

Our Brisbane, Queensland lawyers appear in courts daily on a range of matters including drug charges and drug-related offences. In any given matter, our team of expert lawyers are able to rely on their extensive knowledge of the law to explore the prospects of negotiating charges in favour of our clients. Depending on the matter, the objectives of these negotiations may include downgrading or withdrawing charges, requesting no conviction to be recorded, and reduced sentences including fines and good behaviour bonds instead of imprisonment.

We have real experience and results advocating and negotiating for our clients. Our team will work closely with you in order to explore all avenues that may put you in a more favourable position before the courts.

Drug charges carry significant risks and serious consequences, even for first offenders. Penalties can include up to 25 years imprisonment. A criminal conviction can also have a severe impact on future employment possibilities and travel. If the police wish to speak with you in relation to drugs or if you have been charged with a drug offence, you need to contact us immediately. Our expert lawyers can provide advice and representation for all drug-related offences and charges.

Drug Lawyers Brisbane
Drug Lawyers Brisbane

Drug Offence Lawyers in Brisbane – Focused on Results

As a skilled team of drug offence lawyers in Brisbane, we take pride in the relationship we build with our clients. Our genuine care and high ethical standards have remained at our core throughout the years. Our results-driven team stop at nothing to provide the best service to our clients. That’s why it’s no surprise that we have sustained a highly-coveted reputation in the industry.

“Friendly and professional. Highly recommend the team. Approachable and non-judgemental with a passion and extensive knowledge of what they do”. 
- Rachel

Let our drug offence lawyers in Brisbane stand and fight for you. Contact us for an initial consultation. 

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