Drink Driving Lawyers Mackay

Drink Driving Lawyers in Mackay with Experience and Results

Fisher Dore Lawyers is a reputable law firm in Mackay with results-driven and experienced lawyers, including our skilful drink driving lawyers. We represent diverse clients and cases across the spectrum of criminal defence. From traffic offences, drink driving and work licenses to assault, DVO breaches, and drug and weapons offences, our team are the experts. As our valued client, you will benefit from our combined knowledge and experience.

Here at Fisher Dore, our professionals are great communicators and compassionate listeners. Beyond that, we are committed to getting the best outcomes for you. Our lawyers maintain the highest levels of personal and professional integrity. Our clients have a high level of confidence and trust in our team – it’s why we get so many recommendations and referrals. We are also the proud recipient of many awards and rankings, strengthening our reputation in the industry.

Drink Driving Lawyers in Mackay Aim to Get You the Minimum Penalty

Our drink driving lawyers in Mackay will be your advocate regardless of the severity of your charges. We provide you with clear guidance and realistic advice by understanding the full circumstances of your situation, not just the offence. It’s extremely important to call us immediately if you’ve been charged with a drink driving offence. Our lawyers can then consider the circumstances of the alleged offence and advise you of your prospect to successfully contest a charge. In so doing, our lawyers may consider the following:

1. Misidentification – the prosecution must prove you were driving the vehicle in question and that police have not mistakenly identified you as the drink driving offender.

2. Vehicle in motion – were you attempting to put a vehicle in motion or being in charge of a vehicle? Simply having the keys in the ignition would qualify as an offence.

3. Time – police may require a person to provide a specimen of breath if they suspect the person was operating or attempting to operate a vehicle within the preceding 3 hours.

4. Alcohol Concentration – the prosecution must prove you have driven with a blood alcohol concentration in excess of the legal limit. 

Drink Driving Lawyers Mackay
Drink Driving Lawyers Mackay

Other Assistance Our Drink Driving Lawyers in Mackay Can Offer

If you’re facing a drink driving offence, your licence will most likely be disqualified and our lawyers in Mackay understand how badly this can impact your life. Most people rely on their driver’s licence to be able to work and look after their family. A disqualification comes with severe consequences, not only for you but also your family. That’s why our lawyers can help you get a work licence, so long as you meet all of the court’s eligibility criteria, including but not limited to:  

1. Low to mid-range drink driving with alcohol concentration in your blood/breath.  

2. Driving while under the influence of a controlled substance.

3. You have a valid licence.

4. You have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of less than 0.15.

5. You have not had your license suspended or disqualified in the last 5 years.

Call Fisher Dore Lawyers when you are charged with a drink driving offence, and our lawyers in Mackay can give you reliable and expert legal advice. 

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