Drink Driving Lawyers Cairns

Why Do You Need Drink Driving Lawyers in Cairns?

Getting charged with a drink driving offence is overwhelming because you will have to go to court. This is why it’s far better to seek the help of drink driving lawyers in Cairns to support you through the process. Drink driving offences usually result in license disqualification and either hefty fines or jail time. It is crucial to get advice from a drink driving lawyer not only to represent you fairly in court but more importantly, to prevent a potentially disastrous outcome.

Don’t risk your freedom. A drink driving charge can significantly impact your life. Firstly, you will most likely receive a license disqualification. For most people, having a license is essential to both work and family life. License disqualification could mean you lose your job, especially if driving is a large component of your work or you have no other transport options. Let’s not forget about the impact on your personal life. Things like dropping your children to school, getting groceries, going to the doctor or even visiting friends – all these become far more complex. If you’re lucky enough to get fined instead of jail time, this will certainly impact your finances, with fines starting at $2000. Without expert representation, you are more likely to have a conviction recorded, which can significantly impact your future, including your ability to travel to certain countries or work in particular industries.

Fisher Dore’s Drink Driving Lawyers in Cairns Can Help You

If you are convicted of any offence related to drink driving – driving under the influence of liquor or drugs (DUI), failing to supply a specimen of breath or saliva, or driving with a relevant drug (cannabis, MDMA, or ice) in your saliva or blood, you will inevitably suffer an immediate and mandatory licence disqualification. This is not a simple traffic offence where you just pay a fine, and the matter is done. Drink driving offences are serious and can have significant consequences.

Whether you are a learner driver, on a probationary or provisional licence, or hold a particular motor vehicle license, you will be subject to license disqualification and either a fine or imprisonment. When you go to court, the severity of the penalty you receive will depend on two things.

  1. Blood/breath alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of the offence.
  2. Traffic history, including whether you have been previously convicted of a drink driving offence.

The higher the BAC, the more serious the punishment will be, including possible imprisonment. It is, therefore, crucial to seek legal advice from an experienced drink driving lawyer in Cairns to figure out the best way forward. 

Drink Driving Lawyers Cairns
Drink Driving Lawyers Cairns

Do I Need a Drink Driving Lawyer in Cairns for a First Offence?

If this is your first time getting a drink driving charge / DUI in Cairns, you may think you do not need a drink driving lawyer. However, the penalties – including fines over $2000 and jail up to 9 months – apply to first offenders; it’s just more severe for repeat offenders. Experienced drink driving lawyers will be able to prepare meaningful submissions to support your case and negotiate a fair and positive outcome.

Whilst the system does allow you to represent yourself in Court, your lack of legal knowledge and experience can leave you in an incredibly vulnerable position. You risk receiving the most severe consequences, that is, a term of imprisonment. Driving under the influence is a serious offence since it puts you and other road users at risk. These matters are not treated lightly. For the best chance of receiving a positive outcome, you need an expert and reliable drink driving lawyer.

Let our drink driving lawyers in Cairns help you deal with your drink driving charges. Call us today for more information.

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