Criminal Defence Lawyers Brisbane

A Trusted Name: Fisher Dore – Criminal Defence Lawyers in Brisbane

Here at Fisher Dore Lawyers, we are committed to delivering excellence with our team of criminal defence lawyers in Brisbane. These lawyers are hand-picked for their dedication and ability to practice law in a client-centred manner. We have maintained a reputation for attaining seemingly unachievable results through our great negotiation and advocacy skills.

Regardless of the outcome, we understand how our clients' lives are changed forever just by going through the justice system. That’s why we are focused on achieving the best results and outcomes. For us, the only way to succeed is to go above and beyond for our clients.

Our Criminal Defence Lawyers in Brisbane Explaining Timing and Bail

When facing a criminal charge, it’s crucial to call our criminal defence lawyers in Brisbane immediately, whether you’re being questioned by police or have already been charged with an offence. By doing so, you’ll allow us to explain your rights and responsibilities, comprehensively consider the evidence against you, identify the weaknesses in the prosecution case and prepare your strongest defence. Engaging us early will also ensure you are competently represented before the court in respect of applications for bail.

You may also be able to vary the conditions of your bail later in the course of your proceedings, provided the prosecuting authority consents to the variation or a successful application is made before the Court.

Criminal Defence Lawyers Brisbane
Criminal Defence Lawyers Brisbane

Other Situations an Offender May Face According to Our Criminal Defence Lawyers in Brisbane

Our criminal defence lawyers in Brisbane have experience handling the full array of criminal offences, including challenges such as declined bail. If the Court denies your request for bail, it may be difficult to secure bail at a later date. You will only be granted bail on a later application if you can prove that your circumstances have changed since your previous application, or if you successfully appealed the Court's decision to deny bail the first time. You can be confident in the vast expertise of Fisher Dore’s criminal defence lawyers to get you through highly stressful circumstances like these.

Let our criminal defence lawyers in Brisbane represent you to have the peace of mind you deserve.

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