Minji Kim takes immense pride in providing honest representation to her clients in an empathetic manner.

Minji is passionate about supporting clients by, explaining their legal rights, and assisting them through their difficult periods. 

Minji joined the Fisher Dore team while completing her degree and gained experience in various compensation and criminal defence matters.  After graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), she became a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2023 and now works as an advocate for clients in those areas.

She has also obtained a Diploma in Classical music, demonstrating her proficiency in the precise details of matters. 

Minji is a personable solicitor who takes the time to ensure her clients comprehend the legal system and the process they need to follow. To safeguard her clients’ long-term interests, she values their interests and is committed to obtaining the best possible results.


Minji Kim - Solicitor

Call   07 3236 1800

Email   minji@fisherdore.com.au

LinkedIn   Connect with Minji Kim on LinkedIn


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